April 15,2003

To All Members

Pay Problems:

Through consultation with management representatives a procedure to try and solve pay problems has been established.

Many pay problems have carried on to long because they have remained at the station, depot or garage for resolution and not proceeded to the next level.

The procedure is as follows:

(1)           Once the pay problem is realized, the member is to give a copy of his pay stub to his station superintendent who will contact pay to rectify the problem.

           The station superintendent must reply by the Friday following payday with an answer to the pay problem.  The pay stub should also be returned indicating which pay period the money will be received.

(2)           On the Friday following payday if no pay stub is returned with a resolution to the problem please contact this office and we will escalate the problem to the zone managers level for restitution.

(3)           On the Wednesday if we receive no reply from the zone manger the problem will be escalated to the director.

(4)           Following this, if the problem is not resolved a grievance will be submitted.

In Solidarity

Ken Davidson
Acting Grievance Officer
Scarborough Local