March 16, 2003


Are you prepared to go on Strike?

Contract talks are not going as well as expected. By the time you read this Bulletin, the National Union will have applied to the Minister of Labour for Conciliation. There were National Bulletins issued on Friday March 14, 2003 concerning recent developments.

Currently FT employees on average work 37.5 hours a week and receive 2.5 hours a week in paid lunches, equating to a 40-hour workweek. The employer is demanding 45 hours of productive work each week, and 2.5 hours a week in unpaid lunches, equating to a 47.5-hour workweek. The 45 hours of productive work each week, is not a guaranteed amount all year, just when it suits them. In addition, they want a decrease in the number of relief, and an increase in the load leveling of duties.


In a simple example, if there are five (5) MSC’s in a location, and one (1) is off on annual leave, a Relief MSC currently covers the Annual absence. The employer does not want to cover the absence with relief, but load level the other MSC’s to cover the vacant tour. This same concept would be applied to other employee’s and their assignments.

Obviously these kinds of demands are insulting and indicate a complete failure on the part of CPC to realize the wishes of the members or negotiate in good faith.

The changes to the Canada Labour Code will have significant impact on the length of the Conciliation process and negotiations and it will not drag on for long as in the past. You can expect that strike votes will be held in the very near future, and the possibility of strike action in the next two to three months.

In Solidarity

Mike Duquette
Scarborough Local

Are you prepared to go on Strike?