July 31, 2002


Many visitors to our local office have noticed a Picket Line at 150 Dynamic Drive, the address just north of our office.

Members of the Canadian Auto Workers Union (CAW) have been “Locked Out” even thought the Union wished to continue talks beyond their strike deadline. The management has gone on holidays. This is from the current information we have.

The Local executive has offered the use of our office facilities to our brothers and sisters who are Locked Out.

If you have an occasion to visit the Local Office, I would ask that you also stop by the picket line and offer your support and solidarity.

If you are a delivery employee from 280 Progress Ave. or 1860 Midland Ave. and encounter a Picket Line at this location, please ensure you treat these members with the dignity and respect they deserve. Stop and listen to their concerns and give them the support they deserve.

If you have a problem, contact the CAW Picket Capitan, or this office.

These are our neighbours, support their struggle for justice.

An injury to One is an Injury to All!

In Solidarity

Mike Duquette
Scarborough Local