December 31, 2001


Over the last few years there have been discussions at Membership Meetings and Executive Meetings around a Local Web Site./p>

The Local Executive Committee approved an informational website, to supplement the existing means of communication to the members.

This web site will have the information the Local produces and sends to the members in the regular mailings from the Local office. This will include “Local” bulletins, but will not include Bulletins from the Region, National, or other sources.

You cannot contact the office or send e-mails to the office through this web site; you must call, fax or visit. There is information on the site of interest to Local Members, which includes general advice, Officers, Stewards and Committee Members, Local Meeting Information, Facility Maps and Pictures, 075’s, Contracts, and Seniority Lists.


In Solidarity

Mike Duquette
Scarborough Local