December 19, 2001


With the introduction of Night Shift positions in many Locations, there have been some questions raised by employees as to their entitlements. 

In Group 1, (all FT & PT Postal Clerks, C&D and Retail) any employee who is scheduled to work prior to 06:00 (am) is entitled to Night Workers leave. The Night Shift is defined under Article 13.01(b)(iii) as a shift that ends or starts between 24:00 (Midnight) and 06:00 (am).

An employee must work a total of twelve (12) occasions on the night shift, in a four week period, to earn two-thirds (2/3) of a day's credit. Out of a possible 20 workdays in four weeks, the employee must work 12 occasions on the night shift. Annual Leave, sick leave, WSIB leave, can reduce the number of occasions to less than twelve (12) in the period and then no credits are earned. 

In Group 2, (all FT & PT Letter Carriers, MSC's) must work the majority of their scheduled hours prior to 07:00 (am) to be entitled to Night Workers leave. FT employees who starts at 03:00 (am) or prior are entitled to Night Workers leave, if they work the required number of occasions in the period. Many FT Floorperson in locations with Final Sort are entitled to this leave. A PT Floorperson (240.00 min) who starts at 05:00 (am) or earlier would also be entitled to Night Workers leave.

The employer records Night Workers Leave in hours, but you earn it in increments of two-thirds (2/3) of a day. A 240.00 min PT employee with one and one-third (1 1/3) day's credits (5.33 hours) when promoted to FT still is entitled to one-third (1 1/3) days credits (10.66 hours).

Members are urged to keep track of their credits, and usage and to ensure the employer's records are right. The employer will not do this for you properly.

Attached to this bulletin is a calendar indicating the 4-week periods for the year 2002. See your shop steward for additional copies, or mark the periods on your own calendars.


In Solidarity

Mike Duquette
Scarborough Local