May 25, 2001


A new Transfer Form has been agreed to by the National Parties and should be available in our Local in the next month or two. A sample has been attached to this Bulletin.

Once this new form is available, use this form for all transfers / promotions that require the use of a "Form". Aspects of bidding and / or postings will not change due to the new form. Please note that the form has a Serial Number, and amendments refer to the Original Serial Number. Using photocopies will cause problems, particularly if the Local employer does not have these new forms. If this affects your transfer submission, you should file a grievance or contact the Local Office.

If you change Groups, Classifications, Components, Post Office and MAPPS, you are encouraged to submit an "Amended" form. Your rights are not impacted if you do not submit amended forms. With the regular mistakes made by the staffing office, submitting amended forms will reduce the risk of errors in your placement on the transfer lists.

Once the new forms are available, the employer will have to change the way it provides the Local with information and there will be errors as they adjust. The employer will make errors when implementing the new forms and systems. We all know that the employer makes mistakes on a regular basis, especially when it comes to staffing.

Locally the employer will not commit to when the new forms / systems will be in place, when the forms while be supplied, or how they will deal with changes for our Local.

In the Scarborough Local the employer in the past would remove your transfer from the list if you changed, Classifications, Components, Groups, Status, etc., and you did not resubmit new forms. This is a violation of the Collective Agreement. In the future the employer will have to amend their transfer lists if you move or change Locations or Classifications.

When the new forms become available, you should submit new transfer forms. Transfers remain on the list for a maximum of one (1) year and must be renewed. Members recently promoted from Temporary Status to Part Time Indeterminate Status must have a transfer on file to go to Full Time Status.

Please be very careful in submitting the new forms and policing results that are posted. If you believe that you have been bypassed, see your steward and file a grievance immediately.

In Solidarity

Mike Duquette
Scarborough Local