July 11, 2000



The Local has been persuing the availability of Fatigue Mats at the Local Joint Health & Safety Committee Level, and in the Grievance / Arbitration system.  

The grievance arose out of Don Mills, and was specific to that location. Ultimately it raised similar concerns in other locations, because of floor surfaces. The Grievance had a day of hearing earlier this year, and was referred back to the Local Joint Health & Safety Committee, which had problems dealing with the issue, due to the employer not being able to provide the information they relied upon to support their position. As there was no resolve to the issue, the Local put the employer on notice the grievance would go back to the Arbitrator.

Faced with a hearing on July 17, 2000, were the Local was asking for subpoena duces tecum [1] for Divisional / National Officers of the Corporation on the National Joint Health & Safety Committee, the Employer has in effect sustained the Grievance and will supply Fatigue Mats for all employees working in Don Mills.

Based on this initiative from the grievance, the employer has agreed in two months, to review the employee's responses at Don Mills and extend this if the employees feel this is a benefit.

In the mean time, any employee in another location who wishes to receive a Fatigue Mat should approach their supervisor and request a Fatigue Mat. In most locations in the Local, under the employer's current policy you are entitled to these Fatigue Mats and you will be given one if you request it. 

Belive it or Not, you do not have to bring in scraps of carpet from home to stand on, at a sortation case or wicket, regardless of group, level, class, function or shift!

There is time factor in requesting a Fatigue Mat and receiving one, if you do not receive one within one month of requesting one, please contact this office. Ensure your request is in writing and that you retain a copy.

In Solidarity

Mike Duquette
Vice President at Large
Scarborough Local

[1] subpoena duces tecum, requires the witness not only to attend and give evidence, but also to bring with him documents under his control which are specified in the subpoena;