February 19, 2000



The Employer has the primary responsibility to maintain a safe workplace, and part of that is to do a Health & Safety Tour of each location in the presence of a CUPW Health & Safety Representative, a Shop Steward or Executive Officer.

In MANY locations this monthly tour is not being done. Some Locations vary rarely do a tour or send in a report. 

These reports are important to the Health & Safety Committee and to the Local and it's members. They can be useful in other locations than your own, if several locations complain about a similar problem, it becomes easier to correct it in some cases.

If you are a Health & Safety Representative, Shop Steward or Executive Officer, please ensure that the tours is done every month as agreed to by the Health & Safety Committee, and your duties should be covered while performing this tour.

In Locations were there is no representatives, the employer still must conduct the tours with an employee as a witness.

If you ask for the tour to be done and the employer does not do the tour, provide the information on a grievance form to this office attention the Health & Safety Committee


In Solidarity

Mike Duquette
Vice President at Large
Scarborough Local